–BUILT FOR US ❤  ->i built a wall for our love to live and be free. through whatever people may say about us our wall of love will block the screams. as we live and and love with no problems on the scene we will forever lay here fast asleep <-   princess Wilcox

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Everyone wants a powerful woman or man , until you start dating him or her and realize you have to step your own shit up

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” know your worth , don’t put a clearance on that ❤

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open thoughts

sometimes it seems like  when you change other people see a void .seems like when people from the past looks at you its like a judgment game . you either gone win or lose or just don’t care. seems like when your in love with someone who does you wrong its like a stuck on […]

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So in know I’ve been away for a while and here is why. Things have been a battle form me , with living stability , and more. I also got side track in school and almost did not graduate on time but i made it ❤ ….I have been battling with depression and being alone […]

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Keeping it real🍃 

Something’s in life you just have to let go relationships, friends , even some family Never let a person get you down and to the point where people start to think your crazy.That’s not good .Holding your head up is the strongest and wisest thing to do .You have to show no weakness no tears ,because […]

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Drift away & smell the stain of this broken heart you shot 💔🔫Stitching as blood n memories  Fall together like rainfall by the mountains. Insecurities & flaws fall to the left and  All the love I had n tears I shed fall right And the hurt from both of us still remains in my head […]

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Words of from the mind 

Thinking straight from the mind is the hardest part When your mins starts to wonder how to fix a messed up heart. fixing a heart take more than words that are unspoken .times you want to give up because you have no other choice but to cry and wanna walk away . crying takes the […]

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Poetry to me !

Living through poetry is the reason I’m down to earth . It’s not a curse but a blessing to me , I never would reverse . Everyone has there time to shine, but when I write my shine is brighter than the sunlight on the horizon, shinning bright.some times there’s a void that try’s to […]

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